Newclear pressure testers

Newclear pressure testers

Main features of Newclear Pressure Tester are one of total visibility through a transparent pressure plate


Additional Information

  The main features of the Newclear Pressure Tester are one of total visibility through a transparent pressure plate with a 360° rotation capacity as well as an adjustable center of gravity to allow rotation of either a cylinder head or block to take place with ease. It is a complete unit with the added advantages of an in-line heater system which can provide hot and cold hydraulic testing capabilities up to 800 kPa (120 psi) and quick set-up time. 

 Newclear Pressure Testers was established in 1994, specifically to manufacture a universal pressure tester for the automotive industry. There is no other machine on the market that comes as a complete unit and is able to pressure test any block or head that comes into your shop.

The standard unit, Newclear 150 big block kit, comes crated as a complete machine. Included with the unit is a workshop manual plus installation and training videos. The Newclear 150 ships with a complete set of rubber blanking elements (no plates required) to fit most cylinder heads and blocks including, but not limited to, Cummins®, Caterpillar® and V12 Mercedes Benz that come into the workshop. No further equipment needed.

The Newclear 100 (same unit as the Newclear 150 just without the big block kit) is perfect for shops that only work on machining smaller blocks and heads. Maximum size for blocks and cylinder heads with the Newclear 100 is a length of 850mm (33.46") x 250mm (9.84") wide x 300mm (11.81") high. The full big block kit can always be added later if required.

After assembly, all that is required is a connection to an airline, water line and 220 V single phase electrical supply to have a fully operational inline hot and cold water, air pressure tester.

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